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Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy enables positive beneficial changes to our attitude and health and feelings of wellbeing it helps release unwanted habits and negative emotions.  Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state when traveling along a familiar route whilst watching TV or even during routine jobs, suddenly you are back to the present moment and you realise you have been on ‘autopilot for the past few minutes.

Hypnotherapy uses techniques to deepen the hypnosis state creating very deep levels of relaxation. It is during these deeper levels of relaxation you can communicate with the ‘autopilot’ unconscious mind, enabling the client to make long lasting beneficial and wanted changes. Helping such things as:

Anxiety & stress

Confience issues

Exam Nerves

Fears & phobias


Pain control


Weight issues

You will find me to be an empathetic and understanding ear, we can discuss what you wish to achieve through your treatments,  we can also work content free, so if there is something you may wish to deal with but not talk about we can do that using NLP techniques.

I have treated patients with a wide range of problems.  I am able to use a mix of techniques and approaches including NLP, EFT, Councelling and Regression Therapy to suit each individual's needs.

Seeking professional help can be a daunting experience.  In order to obtain the best results it is important you feel comfortable with your choice of therapist.  Hopefully the information on these pages will help you to do just that.  However, nothing can beat personal contact so, talk to Ellen in the strictest confidence.

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